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Services That Are Baed on Real Service

Because we’re a family owned and operated direct mail service, the people who manage and complete your job are absolutely committed to doing it perfectly. So in everything we do, “service” is the key word. That means speed, consistency, reliability, quality and expert advice. We turn every job around faster, we respond to emails faster, and we quote faster. We’re fastidious in our quality control, so you get great results, every time.

Our mail house services cover all aspects of direct mail implementation, including:

Mailing Today Services
Database Management
  • Database Design & Maintenance
  • Database Formatting
  • Database Conversion
  • Database De-dupe
  • Database Clean Up
  • Database Manipulation
  • Barcode Allocation
  • Bulk Mail Sorting – Pre-sort, Print Post, Impact Mail, Charity Mail, Unaddressed Mail Service, Normal Parcel and eParcel, Overseas Bulk Mail
  • Data Entry – eg Survey entries etc
  • List Rental
Printing Services
  • Personalized B/W and Colour Laser/Digital Printing
  • Generic Flyer/Brochure B/W and Colour Printing
  • Envelope and Postcards Inkjet Addressing
  • B/W and Colour Photocopying
  • Envelope Supply and Printing
  • Label Supply and Printing
Mail Processing
  • Intelligent / Mechanical / Manual Folding and Inserting
  • Plastic Wrapping
Pick & Pack and Fulfilment Services
  • Pick and Pack
    • Point of Sales Materials (Posters, Counter Mats, Wobblers, Display Cards, Display Stands, Shelf Talkers etc)
    • Show Bags
    • Presentation Packs / Folders
    • Gift Packs
    • Sample Packs
    • Training Packs
    • Membership Packs
    • Information Packs
  • Unique Online Ordering & Stock Management System which could be tailored to specific requirements
Lodgement and Delivery
  • Bulk Mail Lodgement with Australia Post with best possible postage discount
    • Pre-sort
    • Print Post
    • Impact Mail
    • Charity Mail
    • Normal Parcel or eParcel Services at discounted rate
    • Unaddressed Mail Service
    • Express Post
  • Domestic and International Courier with AaE, Toll, FedEx, Star Track Express…

For a direct mail enquiry or a quote – or just some advice – call 03 9753 4436 or email us