Mailing Today


About Mailing Today

Established in 2003, Mailing Today is one of Australia’s top Direct Mail service suppliers. We’re a privately owned mailing service, and our approach is characterised by personalised customer service, efficient processes, effective management and expert industry knowledge. We’ve always found that if our clients prosper, our success follows naturally. So we go to great lengths to ensure that you achieve your direct marketing goals, faster.

Our Mission

To become Australia’s direct mail and distribution partner of choice, by remaining trustworthy and reliable, and by continuing to deliver ‘big company’ capacity and ‘small company’ flexibility, efficiency and service, thereby significantly contributing to our clients’ success.

Our Values

Customers – We focus on the direct marketing needs of our clients, confident that our own success will follow.

People – We are committed to our people. Developing, recognising and rewarding them, and supporting them in their quest for a healthy work-life balance.

Pride – Pride in our work leads to exceptional service. No matter how big or small the project, and whether it’s direct mail, fulfilment or pick & pack, we strive for excellence.

Integrity – Professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness and honesty are the hallmarks of integrity and the requisite ingredients for client trust and goodwill. We set very high standards; personally and professionally, integrity is key.

Determination – Individually and as a team, we are driven, enthusiastic and energetic. And we commit to action. We thrive on challenges and persevere until we achieve success.

Innovation – Clever technology for practical success. We continuously improve our processes and infrastructure in order to deliver superior direct marketing results and superior ROI, faster.

Teamwork – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We set common goals, and we work toward them together, confident that our cooperative efforts will always deliver.

For a direct mail enquiry or a quote – or just some advice – call 03 9753 4436 or email us